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Chemical Plant

Diploma in Petroleum Engineering


This full time, one-year course is perfect if you want to work in engineering petroleum. Engineering production is seen as one of the most important industries in the world as it helps create change in society through technological breakthroughs.

Governments are heavily investing in the sector to avoid any skill gaps in the future. You can also prove your ability in areas of the industry such as drilling, process and materials processing.


Diploma Objectives

This qualification has been developed to provide learners with skills and knowledge they will need to carry out a range of activities associated with the job of an engineering operative. It covers the relevant health and safety requirements to ensure that all aspects of the production role can be carried out safely.

Diploma Courses

  • Production Engineering for Manufacture

  • Drilling Engineering

  • Process Management & Improvement

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Production Engineering

  • Shared Unit - Computer Applications

  • Shared Unit - Project Management

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