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Diploma in Business Administration

The purpose of the Diploma in Business is to develop students as professionals able to meet the demands of employees in the business sector and adapt to a constantly changing world. The qualifications aim to widen access to higher education and enhance the career prospects of those who undertake them. 

This diploma provides insight and understanding into international business operations and the opportunities and challenges presented by globalized market places.

This is a full-time diploma

NOC: 1221

Number of teaching hours: 540

Admissions Department
Tel: +1- 519-944-4555  

Fax: +1 519 944-4790

International Department
Tel: +1- 519-944-4555  

Fax: +1 519 944-4790

Financial Department
Tel: +1- 519-944-4555  
|Fax: +1 519 944-4790

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