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Fixing an Air Conditioner


GLCI-261  | $5,540

This program teaches the students about heat pumps, ventilation, and air conditioning. It touches on sheet metal, refrigerant reclaiming, charging, and all maintenance procedures. This is a certificate-only course and is the natural progression from heating. It gives the tech the skills to repair or install residential ale systems to gain their license to challenge the MTCU 313D Certificate of Qualification.

Course length: Residential AC runs
260 hours, and enrollment is currently only offered during the day. Should enrollment make it necessary, evening classes will be run.

The cost includes the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning textbook and Ozone Depletion Prevention certificate training.


- Safety
- Service Calls
- Refrigeration System Fundamentals
- Service Basics
- Refrigerants
- Basic Electricity
- Motors & Controls
- Refrigeration System Components
- Indoor Air Fundamentals
- A/C Systems
- Heating Systems

All of our instructors are qualified and licensed in the HVAC community. Many own their own businesses or work for other companies. They are genuinely passionate about their work and freely share their industry knowledge with students. They pay attention to their students, answer their questions readily, and will take whatever time is necessary to understand them.

Hands-on training is a large portion of our classes. Since the classes are small, there are plenty of opportunities for each student to spend as much time as needed on equipment to learn the skills needed in the field. Graduates leave our school “truck ready,” licensed, and capable of working on their own. Many companies hire our grads based on the fact that they attended Great Lakes alone!

We aim to give students the information required to be successful heating and cooling technicians.

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